1.It’s okay not to be okay
2.It’s hard to keep in touch with your friends, but neither distance nor time will change a true friendship
4.You’re the sum of the battles you have fight
5.If you really want something YOU have to make it happen
6.Dream big
7.Find what sets your soul on fire and never let it go
8.Dress to impress (yourself)
9.Do what you love and do a lot of it
10.You don’t have to justify your dreams or goals to anyone, they’re yours
11.Age is just a number
12.You have to stand up for what you believe in
13.It’s okay to say NO
14.Just because those people are your family it doesn’t mean that you have to agree with their beliefs or opinions
15.Talking about how you feel doesn’t make you weak
16.Yes, it’s okay not to want what everyone else wants, it’s your life and it’s yours to shape it
17.It’s okay to ask for help
18.People aren’t defined by what they posses, but by who they’re as a person
19.Friends are those who inspire you to be better and those who aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re loosing yourself
20.Despite what anyone might think, we’re all the same, and should be treated as equals

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