You open your eyes and just for a second the world seems as perfect as it can get. Little do you know said second actually lasted half an hour and you’re now late for class (as usual). You consider taking a shower but time is not on your side today (not that it has ever been) so you manage to splash some water on your face and thank God for makeup because it does its job in hiding your always present dark circles under your eyes.

You arrive to school and as you say your order to the coffee cart guy you become eternally grateful because he never judges you for ordering the same vanilla latte for breakfast everyday for as long as you both can remember. He hands you the coffee and now you’re set to success.

The good thing about your first class is that you actually find it interesting and your friends are there. First class turns into first break and you and your friends go to the nearest coffee shop to have a cup of coffee (it’ll be your second one but you try not to think about it) and to chat about all kinds of pretentious subjects, because you like to think you’re “savvy”.

Classes continue and finally it’s time to go back home. You get there and realize all you’ve eaten is coffee (yet again), but isn’t coffee the one thing a college student can always rely on? You try to make yourself something heatlhy to eat but who has the time or energy for that? You finally decide that a sandwich seems like a good enough meal and so you go ahead and make yourself one. You can’t seem to just eat in silence so you go to your laptop and put on Netflix. You play that same series you’ve have watched plenty of times because your attention lifespan is basically nonexistent and you wouldn’t be able to understand a new series’ plot even if you tried (which you don’t because you are you and while you watch a series you also scroll past your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest). You finish eating but you’re still hungry. You don’t do anything about it because the kitchen seems too far away. You stay in your room “watching” Netflix until you fall asleep.


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