Lately I’ve been working on several projects related to sociology, (because basically having a sociology class completely blew my mind) specifically on how the way we, as individuals, both act and perceive the world around us.

It’s not surprising that movies, series, music, advertisement and individuals in general all influence the way we think about specific groups in society, and although we’ve come a long way in our thinking process and the way we interact with others, we’re still seeing evidence of racism, sexism, and homophobia in both the media and consequently everyday life.

There are people that just can’t seem to get over the idea that each person is deserving of love, respect and acceptance and that these should not be conditioned or given based on the color of someone’s skin, sex and/or gender.  I mean, let’s face it,  as comedian Taylor Tomilson would say it, these people seem to have “missed a software update”

Societās* is a short film I developed with Santiago Villarreal, one of my best friends, who, just as I am, is interested in voicing these problems and hopefully make a change.

It’s one of the projects I’ve been able to fully develop probably the fastest as it was the last week my friend was going to be in town and I was leaving to spend New Year’s Day with my family on the 30th. This is a broad outline of how everything came to happen:

  • December 23rd: My friend and I got together for coffee to catch up, which is when we came up with the (back then very broad) idea for the project.
  • December 26th:  The concept was settled with inspiration from movies, readings and basically life; by that time we also had the song we were going to use.
  • December 27th: We had a rehearsal with the dancers who were to appear in the short film and based on it the storyboard was developed.
  • December 28th: Video shoot
  • December 29th: Editing was done and the short film was ready to be shared.
Stills from Societās

As you can see, this was a project that was thought of, conceptualized, planned, developed, edited and published in just 1 week, which is why when I think of it,  Societās’  not only portrays society’s today but also how when we commit to something, amazing things can happen.

If you want to see the short film click here .


Directed by: Cinthya Roura & Santiago Villarreal
Film: Cinthya Roura
Choreography: Santiago Villarreal
Dancers: Emiliano Jimenez, Jorge Andrés Espinoza, Andrea Rogel Flores, Laura Quintanilla, and Sara Arias


*Societās: Those united for a common purpose; a company or society of such persons.


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