You wake up and, as we’ve previously discussed, you’re late -as always.-

You didn’t wake up by yourself, because lets face it, you’re a college student and you need an alarm or 20 to even begin to open your eyes.

After what seems like forever you’re out of your apartment and you’re on your way to class, but the thing here is, because you’re late you didn’t eat and because you seem to also hate yourself, instead of sleeping you spent most of your night watching videos so not only are you sleep-deprived and breakfast deprived, but you’re also in desperate need for coffee, which is only the beginning of an endless day of spending money you don’t have.

You go to your usual coffee place and try not to think about how much money you could be saving if you didn’t buy coffee on a daily basis, but this thought fades away as you take your first sip of that amazingly delicious liquid called “coffee”

The cashier asks if you want anything else and truth be told that croissant looks AMAZING and you haven’t eaten and well, you end up buying it because WHY NOT!?

You finish your morning classes and now you realize that you didn’t buy the book you needed for one of the afternoon classes, which makes you rethink every single money-spending decision you’ve taken in the past days, because now you don’t know if you’ll be able to afford food for the whole week.

You walk by a photography shop and, because you’re helpless, you go in and  head straight to the analog cameras. You’ve always wanted one and after a long time ( 5 minutes) of thought put into it, you buy one. (Not that you know how to use it, more of this later).

After what at first seems  like the best decision you’ve taken in your life, you suddenly realize what that teacher from that Consumer Behavior class you took last year meant when she talked about cognitive dissonance.

It’s lunch time and you’re so very hungry but you don’t have enough time to go home and eat (not that there’s anything to eat there anyway), so you go to the nearest restaurant and treat yourself.

Afternoon classes are over and now you have to go to your apartment, but you have no food there and you know that you’ll eventually get hungry. You go to the nearest supermarket and start picking things there that 1. Are easy to prepare and 2. Fit into your, now very slim, budget.

Because you don’t have a car here and you don’t want to pay for a taxi you walk all the way to your apartment with the grocery bags in your hands which, although very hard, makes you feel better about the fact that you’re not going to the gym, (not that you can afford it) because at least you’re making some sort of physical activity.

You finally arrive home and after a while it’s already time to dine. Your roomies and you decide that it’s a good idea to order a pizza, so you do so.

You go to your room and as you’re finally in your bed you start watching some videos , the next thing you know it’s already 3 AM. You’ll definitely need coffee tomorrow.

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