After years of attempting to take the perfect latte photo for Instagram (because – millennial -) and having a lot of friends (one) continually asking me for tips on how to do so, I finally have decided to share with you my guide on the matter. Because what else would I be doing as a 21-year-old woman, right?


**Disclaimer: I don’t take any responsibility for any lattes that may or may not get cold during the following of this tutorial. **

First of all, you need to know that you’re not to drink your latte until the perfect photo is taken. This is key. If you’re not up for the task then don’t even bother to follow this guide.

Step 1: Search for cute coffee shops on Instagram and/or Pinterest. You need a perfect atmosphere for this.

Step 2: Make a list of everything that’s in the menu and looks Instagram worthy so that you’ll know what to order.

Step 3: Go to the coffee shop (duh!) Bonus points if someone goes with you, this way you’ll get even more props for your photo.

Step 4: As you enter the coffee shop make sure you analyze the venue and thus choose the place where the light is the best.

Step 4.5: If the perfect table is not available wait for it to be OR if you’re there with a friend, use the flash in their phone as a fill light.

Step 5: This is when the second person comes in handy (again): order your latte and let your friend hold the table for you (It’ll be a nice touch if you order their coffee while you’re at it). 

Also, make sure you get that specific dessert you previously saw on Instagram that just happens to enhance your latte the most perfect way. (Taste is not a priority here.)

Step 6: Once at the table, you should try different angles, perspectives, and props while taking the picture.  This photo needs to convey a story, your story. Do you have a book? Throw it in. Did you just happen to get a manicure? You better place one of your hands near your latte. Are there flowers at your table? Use them. Are there flowers at the table next to you but not at yours?, TAKE THEM! THIS IS YOUR MOMENT.

Now, beware, you need to be fast at this, ‘cause if you take too long your latte will loose its charm and your photo would be ruined.

Step 7: Now that you have your photo, it’s time to edit it and upload it into Instagram, this means that you now just need The Perfect Caption!



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