As you’re walking down the street with your two friends you suddenly realize that there’s somebody walking behind you.

You try not to pay too much attention to him, but after walking several blocks with him behind you, you now feel as he’s actually following you.

You say nothing to either of your friends and they say nothing back to you, but somehow you all know that something isn’t right.

One of your friends stops you all near a crowded hotel to “show” you something in her phone. The three of you know that “something” is actually nothing. That “something” is actually an excuse to see if the man behind you is actually following you.

You stay there for a while and see him walking away. You feel safer now so you start walking again. The thing is that now you find him again smoking a cigarette right at the intersection you need to cross on your way home.

You try to mix in with the crowd and speed up the pace as so to arrive to the safeness of you apartment faster. The man doesn’t follow you.

As you’re opening the door to your building and entering your apartment you start to think about all the times situations like this have happened not only to you but to every single woman around the world.

You think to yourself that this sort of thing wouldn’t happen if you were walking with a man by your side. You feel guilty for even thinking this, but sadly realize that the only way some men can restrain from harassing you isn’t by respecting your humanity or dignity, but by acknowledging  the presence of those of their same gender.



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