You set your alarm to 7AM because you want to be healthy and productive the way all of those influencers claim to be.

It’s 7AM now and your alarm starts to ring and of course you don’t wan’t to actually stand up from your bed, so you lay there for a couple of minutes until you feel guilty enough about your life as a potential coach potato that you finally get yourself out of bed.

You look at yourself in the mirror and lets just say it, you avoid looking at yourself for the next half an hour because you’re afraid you’ll keep on looking like someone drove over you for the rest of the day.

You somehow manage to go to work and you even feel good about that things you did there today. You now feel like someone with a purpose in life. Oddly enough this banishes as soon as you enter Facebook and see a photo uploaded by that high school classmate that’s always traveling to volunteer in some third world country…. oh well there’s something for everyone, your calling just happens to be in being pretentious about an array of the pop culture matters.

You eat a sandwich because you have no energy for anything else. At 7PM it hits you, you were supposed to be healthy today. You grab the last 3 grapes in you fridge, take a sip of water and head out to take a class at the pilates studio you’ve been renewing your membership at for as long as you can remember.

You arrive to the studio and even feel good about the commitment you’re showing to your health. As soon as you step on the trampoline and begin the “wam-up” section of the workout you start to question why you’re even there. It’s not as if you are a model or someone who makes a living form its body. You don’t need this kind of exhaustion in your life! You start to slow down the pace and the instructor yells at you: “What are you waiting for?!,” You feel very upset, and because you’re you, even though you feel as if you are about to faint, you stay for the whole class. It’s when you’re leaving the studio that you realize that there was a 6-month-pregnant  woman in your class and she was rocking it. You hope to one day achieve that level of commitment to something yourself.

You arrive home and it’s dinner time. You consider eating tuna or something of sorts but lets face it, you just exercised and you deserve something special. You take out a bag of chips to your room, turn on Netflix and become eternally grateful that you have no plans today because you have no energy for that kind of life.


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